Opening: 9th nov 2017 at 19:00 / Featured artists: Aurore Dal Mas, Katlijn Blanchaert, Peter Waterschoot. Curator: Dieter Debruyne / 10 nov - 25 nov 2017
Urbanautica Institute, in collaboration with mi*Galerie, presents during next Foire internationale de photographie d’art - PARIS PHOTO the exhibition ‘Tiny Tears (les belges)’, curated by Dieter Debruyne, featuring Aurore Dal Mas, Katlijn Blanchaert and Peter Waterschoot. Their melancholic oeuvres, personal stories of dark thoughts and solitude match together extremely well. The trio takes you into a dusk universe: the smudged personae non grata, the soulsearching notes and also time’s querks. Polvere, Limen and Ikebana Blues are very different approaches in sensing, exploring and reframing one’s midsts.

‘Cocoït Gourmet’ / Victor Le

Du 2 décembre 2017 au 14 janvier 2018 / texte en cours de rédaction.

IANIS LALLEMAND / exposition reprogrammee printemps 20128

Opening: 2nd dec 2017 at 19:00
He is working in the fields of generative design, digital manufacturing and data design. "I am interested in exploring today's shifting boundaries between code, matter and form."