Dictionary of Rhymes Group Show / Ochiai Motoyo | Nidgâté | Hugo Servanin

Opening on June 30, 2018 from 18:00 to 22:00 / July 1 — July 7, 2018

The exhibition project highlights the works of three young artists and an art duo from multi-cultural backgrounds: Ochiai Motoyo (Japan), Nidgâté (China), and Hugo Servanin (France). In conversation with materials, forms, and processes of making, artists are invited to reveal their personal perspectives for decoding the given reality that might subtly subvert one’s ordinary perceptions of everyday life. 

The rhymes, acting as the main metaphor for the exhibition, are phonetic components in the generation of language, like continuous gestures, which catch our attention to the signifiers and redistribute the semantics. The “Dictionary of Rhymes” is open to the infinity with the variations of physical presentations. It aims to explore the potentials of mutual transformation between varied media languages, therefore shaping a new poetics of space.

Yanran WANG, Zheng HUANG, Oriana LLAMAS, Chen Tang
/curators / MBA students from IESA Art&Culture

For further information, please visit our Facebook / Instagram page “Dictionary of Rhymes” or contact yanran_wang@hotmail.com.

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