SHAN Liang


(Shan Liang working at mi*gallery/ Paris)

“There’s a different between each of my works. Vitality and genuiness. This is what I pursue in art.”
SHAN Liang


The works of SHAN Liang went through cubism, surrealism and in the end thetechniques of the artistic expression, graffiti, by which he wants to be primitive, as a“first child of the graffiti”,says the artist. In his work, the traditional Chinese culture persists in a mysterious way. It is meltedin the contemporary approach where the most intuitive feelings prevail, as well asthe digital cultural and popular audiovisual references of his generation. He usesink, rice paper and also acrylic for his works. The encounter of these materialsproduces an unstable result.

Projected by the immediacy of the painter's perception, form, text, meanings and impressions collide at liberty. 

 “Probably since 2014, my writing began to use graffiti and traditional ink wash as a medium. I called it ink graffiti painting.Use your own subjective consciousness to create an extendable objective existence. The concrete symbols were Fragmented, then reshuffling and finding a balance in disorder and rationalize disorder.Each piece of work is actually a "semi-propositional article", the viewers should write the "article" by themselves.I think the real art is uncontrollable and they own life. The artist is only a communicator of art, not a builder.In addition, the reason for using ink wash as a medium of expression, because I think the essence of ink wash don't care about tradition or contemporary artistic form, but to give people thinking space. ”—— SHAN LIANG




2018  Solo exhibition “Pountum”,4bis Galerie,Toulouse

Shan Liang, Young artist, "graffiti ink" pioneer, based in Paris and Beijing. 

1991 born in Shandong, China.

2010 graduated from the high school stage art specialty of Central Conservatory.

Study in France in 2011, graduated from the French Institute of visual communication.  

2018  Conference Alleurs Galerie,ShenYang

2018  Solo exhibition“The first pig is very strong”, Alleurs Galerie,ShenYang

2018  Art Capital,GrandPalais,Paris

2017  Art Fair ASIANOW "MIGRATION",zeto/MI*gallery Paris

2017  HEAT Paris“ChineseYoungArt”,mi*Galerie,Paris

2017  Solo exhibition“Do You Really Think They Are Blind?”, mi*Galerie,Paris

2017  Art Capital,GrandPalais,Paris

2016  Solo exhibition“0时态-回归”,Xianghe Museum,Beijing