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IT Pieces



IT est le T shirt “en ligne” de la créatrice de haute couture flora miranda, ceci grâce à un algorithme de personnalisation qui va tenir compte de votre vie sociale sur Facebook : entre art conceptuel et fashion design, c’est IT.

“Your data is our raw material.

Our tool generates custom garments based on your digital footprint.”

IT Pieces is a fashion project merging artificial intelligence, big data, generative design, and automated, mass customized, sustainable and localised garment production.

Our first ever creation is a special edition fan shirt with song lyrics by Finnish musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

Our tool analyses your online behaviour. It then designs a garment with Jaakko Eino Kalevi lyrics that best express your personality.

With IT Pieces we aim to investigate creativity in times of digital ubiquity.

Our tool levitates between commercial production and experiment.
This project is a collaboration of Fashion Designers, Data Scientists, Graphic Designers, Creative Coders, Knitting Technology Suppliers, Web Developers, Production Experts and Artists.

Yarns from Austria, Germany and Italy

Made in Belgium

Delivered to you in 2-4 weeks

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certificat d'authenticité arttrust (procédé breveté) / CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY arttrust (patent-registered) // artiste référencé artprice, numéro 1 mondial de la cote de l'art / ARTPRICE REFERENCED world N°1 for art market value // ASSURANCE AU moment de l’achat / immediate inssurance with purchase // délai retractation 14 jours / return period 14 days

Récemment Flora Miranda était à Paris pour la Semaine de la mode HAUTE COUTURE. AVEC le soutien de la galerie et centre d'art mi*, flora miranda a présenté un show hypnotique et alternatif. elements de presse : vice     coveteur    Now Fashion     FWO       the impression      Annabelle     


Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Throughout her work the main focus is on the human being, one’s body, senses and perception, performing in an actual or virtual reality. Gradually the designer is taking away all restrictions and practical considerations in fashion towards the real expression of the self and a multi-dimensionally developed personality.

In this sense Flora strives to create deep dreams, desires and motives.

Be extreme to the point of powerlessness!

Flora embraces the experiment as a vehicle towards broadening established standards of craftsmanship and design. Fuelled by a friction of intellectual concepts and intuitive production she is challenging the obsolete idea of high couture and exploring techniques that are detached from design tradition or history.

The world of Flora is extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, exclusive and exciting to revel in mystery and surprise.